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Physical, psycho-emotional overload. Troubles and conflicts in the family, responsible work, exams and other external situations can affect the state of the hormonal system and lead to a decrease in the volume of monthly discharge. Harmful factors. Exposure to buy methylprednisolone online and chemicals adversely affect the functioning of the reproductive system. Taking medication. The use of oral contraceptives, anabolic drugs and hormonal drugs affects the level and production of hormones, which leads to scanty periods.

In these situations, hypomenorrhea, as a rule, does not need special therapy. To restore menstrual function, it is enough to adjust the lifestyle, nutrition and working conditions. When scanty menstruation is considered a pathology. If a decrease in the amount of discharge is provoked by past or current pathologies, hypomenorrhea requires appropriate treatment. Pathological meager periods can be caused by the following factors. Given the duration of scanty menstruation, hypomenorrhea has three types. Oligomenorrhea - accompanied by medrol pills cheap menstruation (1-2 days). Opsomenorrhea - characterized by infrequent bleeding with intervals between them (35 days - 3 months). Hypomenstrual syndrome - is expressed by rare, short and scanty menstruation.

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Depending on the mechanism and causes of occurrence, hypomenorrhea is primary and secondary. The primary form of pathology develops in the puberty, when menstruation is just beginning and menstrual function is established. Secondary hypomenorrhea occurs in patients whose menstrual cycle was normal, and under the influence of certain factors became unstable. Menstrual discharge with hypomenorrhea looks like drops or traces of blood of a dark or light brown hue. At the same time, the duration of menstruation is maintained or shortened. Usually, scanty periods are painless, without any discomfort and almost imperceptibly.

In some situations, there may be stool disorders (constipation), lower back pain, chest discomfort, nausea, headaches, and dyspepsia (digestive disorders). Menses themselves are accompanied by severe pain and spastic uterine contractions. Some women experience nosebleeds that occur during each menstrual period. The clinical sign of hypomenorrhea is a decrease in estrogen production, which provokes the extinction of reproductive function and a decrease in sexual desire.

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To determine the cause of the decrease in the volume of menstrual flow, a consultation and examination is carried out by a gynecologist, who studies the anamnestic information and complaints of the patient, performs a gynecological examination and prescribes a number of methylprednisolone usa. Ultrasound of the pelvic organs. Determination of basal temperature, control of its schedule. Hormone blood tests (detection of the level of estrogens, progesterone, thyroid hormone, adrenal glands, etc.). Mantoux test (if necessary). Checking blood for glucose.

PCR diagnostics, tests of vaginal smears for genital infections. Cytological examination of a smear from the uterine cervix. Biopsy of the endometrium. Radiography of the dura mater to exclude pathologies of the pituitary gland. Having studied the results of a comprehensive examination, the doctor makes the final diagnosis and selects the appropriate treatment.

The pathology therapy regimen will depend on the cause that provoked the appearance of scanty menstruation. The treatment of hypomenorrhea, which has arisen against the background of gynecological diseases, is carried out by a gynecologist. If the disease is caused by endocrine disorders, the gynecologist-endocrinologist is engaged in therapy. With psychological dysfunctions, hypomenorrhea therapy is carried out by a psychologist and a gynecologist (if necessary, a psychiatrist). Therapy for scanty menstruation caused by tuberculosis infection is carried out by a phthisiatrician.

Given the causes and severity of the pathological condition, the treatment of hypomenorrhea can be carried out using conservative and surgical methods of exposure. Conservative therapy includes taking antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, hormonal, absorbable drugs and performing physiotherapy. With a lack or excess of medrol tablets weight, its correction is carried out. Vitamin complexes are prescribed according to the phases of the menstruation cycle. Surgical treatment of hypomenorrhea is aimed at dissecting intrauterine adhesions by hysteroscopy.